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Red Door

Green Policy

At Red Door Homes we believe that we need to be environmentally sustainable.  Everything we do is therefore environmentally minded to ensure we have minimal impact on this wonderful planet that we all call home.  Therefore all of our properties meet our green policy

Carbon Neutral - This is a difficult target to meet and even more difficult to prove but our aim is that across our property portfolio, we aim to be 100% carbon neutral for our energy.


Green Electricity Tariffs - We use Green Tariff Electricity where possible ensuring that renewables make up most, if not all of our supply.  Where practical, we also look to install our own renewable energy systems such as solar panels.


Green Gas Tariffs - We use Green Gas Tariffs where possible.  This is more difficult to achieve so may not be suitable in all of our properties


Reduce energy consumption - Our energy may be green but it is even greener if we do not use excessive amounts of energy.  Our properties are insulated as well as possible and we encourage our guests and tenants to use the heating, electricity and gas in a responsible manner.


Intelligent heating - To encourage responsible use of heating we install the latest technology to ensure minimal wasted heat.  This includes Smart Thermostats which allow precise temperature control


LED Bulbs - Where possible, we use LED bulbs in all of our properties.  This reduces consumption of electricity and results in less landfill from old bulbs and fewer trips to the shops for new bulbs


Green Cleaning - We supply cleaning products for all of our properties so that our guests and tenants do not have to.  We only source biodegradable, green cleaning products and our cleaning and maintenance teams also use these products when cleaning our properties.  We do not allow bleach into our properties since this can harm our precious waterways.


Upcycling - As part of our unique creations for each property we design and source beautiful one-off items of furniture.  Where appropriate we upcycle gorgeous pre-loved furniture from local craftspeople and charities who support our local communities.


Recycling Facilities - We ensure that our properties have the appropriate recycling facilities available to all of our guests and tenants to ensure a high level of recycling.  We encourage all of our guests and tenants to sort their waste to maximise their recycling and we even remind our tenants to put the bins out on the right day.

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